About The Artist

Humans have endless talents. They inspire, create, and push the boundaries and I love that side of us.

I've always had a love of crafts and the inspirations are endless. Most of all I love color and texture. Nature works each into every ounce of our lives and jewellery and pottery allow us to carry our favourite colours and textures with us.

The jewellery is a reflection of my love of color. I work with natural stones collected from around the world. Stones have such energy and can be anything from bright and invigorating to gentle and soft. The balance of sterling silver and gold against natural stones adds the background and texture to let the stone pop.

The pottery is a mix of art and function and showcases my love of texture. Flowing glazes, exposed raw clay, and carving techniques give each piece its own character. The clay never ceases to amaze, every lump of clay on the wheel takes its own direction, you never know quite what you're going to get.

I also love working with people to design and craft pieces that are authentic to a person. I would be thrilled to design a piece or collection built around you and your lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a custom piece.


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